Thursday, September 25, 2014

Prime Numbers

Prime numbers are such a huge part of theoretical math.  They have an enormous impact on our lives every day however.  Internet security is dependent on monster prime numbers.  I love how enthused this guy is about it.  I promise, he isn't quite as geeky as the title would make him see.


  1. First of all, these TED people really like the, "I think therefore I am." quote, huh? Secondly, how did this guy get away with wearing a skateboard T-shirt to such a prestigious conference? Third, I love his humor. I honestly groaned when I clicked on this one, but your paragraph before intrigued me, so I clicked on it, anyway his humor made me laugh out loud a few times. His points were interesting to think about, because they can be applied beyond math too. In general, I think he was saying that if you think something is possible, don't be afraid to go for it. And, that's a message that I can never hear too many times.

  2. Why do all of these people on TED have such strong accents? I don't get it. I liked his humor he had when he talked about when he was in second grade and really thought logically. About the whole pig and hole thing. What type of seven year old thinks that way? I liked how he compared numbers to music notes too. I thought it was interesting how he said 2 to the power or a prime number minus one is always a prime number. How do some people's brains work like that?

    *mind blown*

    Also, I liked how chantal explained how you could compare this to real life. On that note, I feel like he is trying to get people to find their passion, and think outside of the box.


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