Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Music on the road and in the air

"The young ones, they don't question their own opinion."  I love this quote.  It is so true that young children listen to music they like, and don't feel like they need to justify their taste.  They like what they like. While it may be incredibly unfashionable to say you like to listen to Barney the big purple dinosaur - not a single pre-schooler watching Barney would care.  They listen to music because it makes them happy and it is an awesome thing to watch someone make music.  So I invite you to listen as if you were 8 years old again.


  1. Now that I think about it I found out why I enjoy the music I love. When I grew up my life consisted of " If it is too loud, you're too old." rock and roll, country, and pop. These are my favorite genres of music. I also like others but I gained the love of those from the base of rock or pop. It developed.

  2. I loved this video! Not only did she have a cool accent, she was so right about children being open to all music. They love the different sounds and don't think about it. When children are around 14 or so, they do have prejudices against certain music. They might think those songs are so old fashioned. I personally love listening to the piano and I thought all of those songs were great. When I took piano lessons, I wasn't very open to playing Mozart and Bach, but once my teachers forced me to play it, I really enjoyed the songs.

  3. This video makes me really wish I would've learned to play the piano. I've always loved watching Mrs.Farris's hands when she plays, so this was just mind boggling to me. She had valid points, because I'll even admit to having prejudices. I.e. I absolutely cannot stand listening to rap music. But, take away the curse words, and some of those songs are just really deep poetry with a beat. We SHOULD all be more open to music. I caught myself, while listening to her play, closing my eyes and just imagining what would be happening with the music playing. I love that about music- I love the way that notes, simple sounds at different pitches and speeds, can tell a story. It's so amazing. People are amazing.


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