Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Being Wrong

This is amazing for so many reasons.  I think it is a great model for what education is at its best.  I love when she said that we not only need to be wrong, we celebrate it.  Our stories depend on wrongness, without them they are boring and flat.  That and the quote from St. Augustine "Fallor ergo sum."  Very deep.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Music on the road and in the air

"The young ones, they don't question their own opinion."  I love this quote.  It is so true that young children listen to music they like, and don't feel like they need to justify their taste.  They like what they like. While it may be incredibly unfashionable to say you like to listen to Barney the big purple dinosaur - not a single pre-schooler watching Barney would care.  They listen to music because it makes them happy and it is an awesome thing to watch someone make music.  So I invite you to listen as if you were 8 years old again.