Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One more reason to read

As if we need another reason, but here it is anyway.  This guy is funny, smart, and poignant all at once.  I love his story and would love to visit the shops.  Well worth the time to watch.


  1. This is a real neat video. Like Nico when reading it is a true escape. Reading a good book, gives a feeling as if you were really there in the book. I feel that it is necessary that people read, because it expands knowledge immensely, and is a vacation for the mind.

  2. Lately I have been struggling to read so I felt inclined to watch this in hopes for it to maybe spark my brain back up. This video seriously makes me want to just pick up one of his children’s books and read it now. Especially the story about the little boy who gets a whale as a punishment. He is so funny and creative. Those shops he was talking about, like the Time Traveling shop. That would be so fun to visit. Kids love that he is trying to bring the fiction into the real world. I think there needs to be more ‘hims’ in the world. Especially for kids this day in age to help spark their creative side.

  3. I like to read, it feels like an escape, I sometimes don't like to be here, and books are my freedom, they help me, and they have always helped me as a kid, the children's books that I have read have set me on a path that makes me a voracious reader today, books are really a door to the better, and that door can take you anywhere.


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