Friday, September 19, 2014

Recovering Like Addicts Unite!

Those who come in my classroom see a poster with the word Like underneath a red prohibition symbol.  This is because as a recovering like addict, I cannot have people abusing in my presence. It is my effort to raise the perceived IQ in my room, as nothing lowers it faster than the abundance of likes in one's speech.  So for all those trying to eradicate the dreaded like in your speech, enjoy.


  1. This made me think of Hannah Carlson's persuasive speech on Up Speak. I still remember that speech and her metaphor to "slam that imaginary period down when you speak." Love that. His humor made me laugh, and like you said, you preach this to us a lot and I still catch myself saying "like" and making myself sound unconfident in my own opinions. It's a trait that I really need to work on, before graduating and having to do job interviews.

  2. This made me think of Weston. He uses like more than anyone I know. It also reminds me of Tayler and Tayma, because both of them use "know what I mean?" all the time. His witty speech shows just how stupid we are when we talk. It shows that we need to take the slang of today's society and throw it away. We need to work on this so we stop sounding stupid.

  3. I am a like addict, when I go into casual speech, or am trying to explain something, I say like, I will admit it. This is a huge problem for me, and when I hear someone say it, it makes me realize that I am doing this, and it hits me, and it sparks an annoyance at myself and people around me, and I just close out from everyone around me.


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