Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Being Wrong

This is amazing for so many reasons.  I think it is a great model for what education is at its best.  I love when she said that we not only need to be wrong, we celebrate it.  Our stories depend on wrongness, without them they are boring and flat.  That and the quote from St. Augustine "Fallor ergo sum."  Very deep.


  1. I don't know what compelled me to come to the Bonus Blog tonight, but I'm so glad that I did. Wow. Wow. Wow. Watching this video was like standing in an empty room, and somebody coming in, grabbing my shoulders, looking me in the eyes, and saying, "Hey. News flash, Honor Roll Prissy Pants, LIFE doesn't care if you're always right. LIFE doesn't care if you win the argument with somebody. LIFE doesn't care what your plans are. Allow yourself to breathe a little and feel something. Being right all the time isn't the answer." And, I really needed to hear that. With college coming up, I'm horribly afraid of making the "wrong" choice (even though I know I can transfer) and I don't know why that is. I agree with what you said about the St. Augustine quote. Possible poetry topic? Fault? Error? I like it. Thanks for sharing. I'm still talking to Mrs.Dunsmoor about auditioning to be in the TEDx Youth Talks, with my Forgiveness program. :)

  2. I really did enjoy this video too. I feel like a lot of people are too, busy, trying to be right all of the time. Especially me. During school, if I'm wrong, I don't think I make that big of a deal out of it. But outside of school, in practices, at home, with friends, I always try to be right all the time. That shouldn't matter though. It's hard for me to fathom that I have to be wrong. But being wrong will help you know when you're right-if that makes sense.

  3. Man does this sound familiar. I can't tell you how many times I have been wrong and refuse it. It's not because I don't want to admit to it, it's because I'm between the cliff and realization. I am so used to being "right" it's weird to walk in and be wrong so I fight until someone makes me see it. Even today I screwed up and I laughed it off and fixed it. But today I messed up over and over again after I began to just break down. I like to fix it and laugh about my mistakes but, like she sound sometimes ill fight or just be saddened that it happened because I can't fix it. Mostly you are the teacher that sees it the most. So, I feel like God made you put this video up on your page so I could see it.


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