Thursday, August 28, 2014

Click Responsibly

I have never heard it put so well.  "Clicking is a public act."  The amount of truth in this is a bit scary really.  While it places a heavy responsibility on us, it also empowers us to shape our world.  I like that.  I think we all should take heed and help create a better culture.


  1. Yes! I don't think people really know that what you click is public. If more people took the time to think about what they are clicking on, or posting, there wouldn't be as much bullying. Like she said, stand up. If you see someone being cyberbullied, do something. Don't start something that'll end up in a huge fight. Report it or delete it if you have the ability to. Think before you click.

  2. I agree with her, she is right on the money. Clicking is so easy to do that most of the time we do it without even thinking what that could lead to. It's shocking how one like, post, or share could change someones life for better or worse.


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