Monday, January 13, 2014

More really cool 3D printing. . . .

One more reason why I really, really, really want a 3D printer. . .


  1. I think this would be cool. Think about being able to have any sugary design whenever you want. It would be cool if you are craving something sweet but don't have any and don't feel like going and getting it. I also just think owning a 3D printer is plain awesome because you could turn a simple 3D image on the computer into a real 3D object.

  2. 3-D printers are probably my new favorite thing. I am a big fan or cake decorating I have done in many years in 4-H. I find piping the icing on the cake so fun to do, but I know if I had a 3-D printer I would probably take on cake decorating as my job. This video is so awesome, it shows you that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it and stay determined. I have a feeling that these 3-D printers are going to be a big thing in the future. From making cloths to decorating a cake. This was probably my favorite video!


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