Monday, April 24, 2017

Why Fake News Is Dangerous

"I check, I verify, I trust my gut, but I ask tough questions. Why is this person telling me this story? What do they have to gain by sharing this information? Do they have a hidden agenda?"

Such powerful words and reasons to change how we consume and spread news.


  1. I really like this a lot. It is very true, I check out an article on facebook and you wonder if it is true because it seems like complete bogus when the story is surrounded by ads and pop ups, yet the story has 1 million shares because the head line reads some super cool thing that going to make me seem cool in front of the people I follow. When the real story that should be getting out should be 200+ girl that were taken be terrorist.

  2. I agree that this is a very powerful message. I have a hard time believing whats true on the internet and what isn't just from the name of the web address it pops up under. The stories of the girls going missing was a big eye opener. When the speaker said, if they were the rich and powerful they would have been found a lot sooner. That kind of hit me in the face and made me realize how true that was. If a famous person's child went missing then authorities would be doing everything in their power to find the children that went missing. But if it was someone who doesn't have a lot of money, doesn't have the nicest things, or the last name they need. Then they are kind of troubled. And thats something to me that needs fixed.

  3. I thought this was amazing. This was amazing for two different reasons, one the girl shows how powerful you can be when you need to be, two it gives the truth about Fake News. Fake News is a serious thing. It can convince somebody to do something by the title alone.

  4. This message was so great. When I see things on the internet i just think that they are not true most times because they have so many things on the internet because there are so many things now that are not true or are exaggerated. The story was a really sad thing that happened and when she said that if it had happened to a rich family there child would have been found. I like how she said we are all publishers. With Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat now we can share news so quickly and that can be a good thing but it can also be a very bad thing you can get people believing this fake information.


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