Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Brave Girls

I love her opening story - what a great way to talk about courage and trying something new. As a father of a daughter, this really hits home for me. I want my daughter to be confident and willing to try new experiences. I hope that I have encouraged her to try adventure, and trust in herself. I hope the same for all of you.


  1. I really like how she believed in her self and had self confidence in her and her friend and no matter who believed in her they did there best and tried to complete the 12 mile crawl but fell short at only 8 miles even tho her friend dropped out she kept strong and did her best i like how she points out that ("Girls are fearful and boys are gutsy") this message really spoke to me to always try my best and to give %100 all the time and to always have my friends back for support but to know that i don't need them to have my back because i can survive and do my best and go fourth and try to complete my battles

  2. I think the message was very inspirational. It really makes me think that girls aren't timid or fragile at all. Crawling for 8 miles definitely isn't easy. When her friend dropped out, she kept going on, even if she was in pain. I also learned that girls should be out there, doing the same jobs as boys can do, because she proves that we can do anything that the boys do, as she said in her firefighter story. I think I can go out there and do my best at everything I do, and not be timid about it.

  3. This is so inspirational i will try my best to never think that i cant do anything. This makes me believe in myself more and to have good thoughts about everything i do. That is so good that she overcame her self confidence and believed in herself.


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