Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Science of Us

I must confess that I have always loved stats. I really find it fascinating to delve into all the ways we can describe a group of people numerically. This is just one more way that the numbers tell a great story.


  1. The first part of the presentation really shocked me because the math problems that he talked about are really easy to me. It also really shocked me to see 71 out of 100 Saudi Arabian women are obese. This shocked me mainly because of how much of a gap between the guesses and the reality. Alan Smith really opens your eyes to the world. He encouraged me to take in more stuff about my community/local area.

  2. I think about how much i complain about math but when he was doing the math problems they seemed really easy and i should be grateful for math. He really made me think more about the world then just myself and i want to do more in my community, school, and town.

  3. Wow for once I'm grateful to know all the things I do, even when it's math. I couldn't believe that most people don't know math ver well. I would never guess because everyone I know are decent or good at math. Also I thought it was funny how Japan thought 56 out of 100 lived in rural areas when actually there is only 7. I'm am about to try out the app thingy that ask about your area.


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