Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Readjust your thinking

I am a huge fan of both RadioLab and Latif Nasser. I have never heard him talk and not been challenged to think a little deeper about whatever he is presenting. The best part is the end, where he uses the camel as a metaphor for how we should view history.


  1. I think that this is so cool! I never would have imagined camels came from north America. I also wouldn't have thought that their fur could possibly be used to protect them from the cold instead of protecting them in the Sahara like I've always been taught.

  2. What camels came from North America? THAT'S CRAZY. We have an idea about something and we never change, so probably I'm going to forget about this video and still think there not from here, but it all leads up to them living here. Who knew that a piece a wood could stun scientist. Wow there's a camel on the video, hi Azuri. We are all one piece of wood rom seeing the world different.

    I want a pet rabbit camel.

  3. This is so cool. Their fur keeps them from getting to cold and it protects them from the cold. I never knew where camels were from and that is so cool and i want to pet one i've never pet one before.

  4. It's amazing how one piece of a bone that a scientist thought was a chunk of would combined with multiple years of research and study can lead to the discovery of animals adapting to many different climates and ecosystems. One fossil can change the entire reality of the history of our world and the nature that is a part of it.


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