Friday, January 15, 2016

For a cloudy day. . .

I love Harry Baker's poetry and this seems so apropos on such a cloudy day. Good to remember that on a cloudy day, sometimes we have to be sunshine for each other.


  1. How your light burns inside of you, you choose how it burns and only you, nothing can change that, you are who you are, and even if you get hurt to the point where you hide yourself, there will always be something to pull back the curtains and show the world your light, making people see who you are on the inside.

  2. This says to me that you can see what you want on the outside of people but what is really going on inside you will never know. People will never understand things that people go through and how it effects them, or how they see themselves. But how you see someone else sound never matter to them. Or how someone sees you, you should never care about that, just about who you are and helping people understand who you truly are on the inside

  3. This kid is very creative, not only with his poetry, but with his choice of clothing. HE is showing us that even if you are a sunshine child, never let anyone dull your shine. You're special because you were made that way, and nobody can take that away from you. The sunshine kid is someone you want to be, so don't dull his shine. I feel we should all be sunshine kids and avoid the shadow children because they only bring us down.


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