Monday, October 26, 2015


"There is no such thing as pure silence." What an amazing idea. We so often speak of a moment of silence, but really we are looking for less noise, rather than true silence. My little brother, far more than I, sees music in the everyday sounds around us. He is constantly remixing and reworking sounds into a performance. While I don't always enjoy the output, I am always impressed by the originality of his work. I think we could all benefit from paying attention to the sounds around us and finding beauty in that.


  1. It's amazing, but no matter how hard you try to think of pure silence, it doesn't exist, your body is an instrument, the blood through your veins always flowing to the gentle beat of your heart, making your blood move through you, and making the rest of your body an instrument in its own way, and instrument of change, to make music, and create sound.

  2. Its cool to think how peter recorded the whistle of the birds to create a song. When she talks about the pots and pans and how when she set the lid on the counter and it made a cool swinging noise, she was so inspired that she went to her home recording studio and recorded a song with the lids noise in the background. It makes me think of the kit kat commercials. After I watched this video I just sat on my couch, closed by eyes and just listened for a little bit to hear all the different cool noise I hear all the time but I never acknowledge them. It is crazy to think that you are never in absolute silence.


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