Saturday, January 31, 2015

February Challenge

I hate February, more than any other month by far. Not just because of Valentine's Day (and really, who doesn't have at least one horror story from that holiday?). I hate it because it should be full of hope and getting ready for spring, but it so often is just 28 (or if we're really lucky 29) days of cold bleak winter. Two years ago on this blog I challenged myself and anyone reading to comment daily on something good about each day in February (as another aside, I hate it so much I can't even spell it correctly without the aid of spell-check). Last year I forgot, but this year I am bringing it back. The goal is to have by the end of the month a list of great happenings and hopefully a slightly better attitude towards this month. Or at least a list of reasons why we can make it through another February.


  1. 2/1/15

    Two things today. The first is kind of cheating as it is for Friday, but I can't not mention that our girls basketball team are CRC champs for the first time in 25 years. It could not have gone to a nicer group of athletes - so glad I get to see them play and work with them in the classroom. They truly deserve the win. Here'e to a strong finish of this season.

    Secondly, the snow! I love a good snowstorm, and boy did we get one. The only thing better would be if it were on a school day (snow days are my favorite excuse to stay in, bake something yummy, and enjoy the day). I am thankful however that it didn't ruin tomorrow's events, as there are several things going on that would be hard to reschedule.

  2. Ooops, looks like I wrote too soon. Happy snow day to us! The kids and I have had a great day - ate a late breakfast, watched copious amounts of television, played outside - everything a snow day is supposed to be. Still 6 more weeks of winter I suppose - not sure what the groundhog saw, but from the looks around here I don't think you can argue that.

  3. Sunshine. After a cloudy, blustery storm, nothing feels better than some warm sunshine. This afternoon the sun is gleaming off the snow and the sound of water running off the roofs reminds us that this snow is temporary. I loved the snow day, but am thankful that sun is out today.

  4. Forgot to post yesterday, so this one is for then. Snow Day! Two days in one week, how can you go wrong! The best part is that the weather is going to get really warm this weekend, so the snow won't stick around long enough to get ugly.

  5. Great students. I love being able to write a good recommendation for deserving seniors. This year I have had the pleasure of writing several for some amazing kids. Best of luck to all applying for scholarships, know that I am super proud of all you have done and am excited to see all you will do.

  6. Feb. 6
    Went to work at my mom's house where there is no internet - hard to post.

    This day I was thankful great weather. I'm pretty sure mom had something to do with it - Thanks mom.

  7. Feb. 7

    Today I am thankful for my sister. She has put in so many hours at mom's house. From when she first got sick until now, helping with all the household items. I couldn't do this without her.

  8. Feb. 8

    Thankful again for great weather and a safe trip home. The temps were in the mid 60's the whole way - unbelievable for February. But most especially thankful for my wife and kids. Simon's bunk bed came last week Thursday and I didn't have a chance to even open it up. Megan and the kids got it assembled on Saturday and when I got home, Simon was so proud he had to show it off first thing. So glad he has it and he loves it.

  9. Feb. 9

    Good Friends. I had a great phone conversation with a good friend. It is so easy to get busy and not make time for others. This was a reminder that good friends are hard to come by and we need to connect with others on a regular basis. Glad I have such great people in my life.

  10. Feb. 10

    Vitamin C and Mucinex. I thought I was fighting allergies as I was at my mom's over the weekend cleaning and my sister's cats were there and it was dusty and and and. BUT it is getting the better of me. Today I am here because of Mucinex and Vitamin C drops. Hoping it will be short lived and not get me down too much.

  11. Feb. 11

    Two years ago I was much better at daily posting. . . .

    Today I am thankful for my awesome wife. She brought me juice, lotion kleenexes, and some hot tea. Just what I needed to get through a long day. I am also thankful for the great staff here who filled in for me this afternoon so that I could get some rest before conferences.

  12. Feb. 12

    This is kind of for yesterday, but I had a ton yesterday so I am spreading the wealth. I am thankful for great students who make parent teacher conferences so much easier. It is very gratifying to be able to celebrate successes with parents instead of address major concerns.

  13. Feb. 13

    Great administrators. When I arrived at school today I found a bottle of water with a nice note attached, but even better, some lotion kleenexes. These little gestures mean a lot and can really help boost moral. The best part is that I feel supported in many other ways. So glad we have the administration we do this year.

  14. Feb. 14

    My amazing wife. Even though I was gone on Valentine's day and the day was incredibly stressful she was able to make it great for the kids and I. So glad I have her in my life.

  15. Feb. 15

    RadioLab Podcast
    So on my way to and from Gordon this weekend, this podcast kept me entertained. Not only that, but I learned a huge amount as well. I highly recommend this to anyone out there - amazing stuff.

  16. Feb. 16

    Great students
    This is more for yesterday, but hey it's Monday and I need something. I had two great students come to my house to help unload the trailer full of boxes and heavy shelves I brought from my mom's house. There was no way my wife and I could have done this ourselves, so we are both super grateful for them.

  17. March 3

    Wow did this month get away from me. I really wanted to post every day, but I just couldn't get that done. Two years ago, I was really motivated to do this, and I love being able to go back and read the posts from then. This year, I just couldn't remember to post. It isn't that I didn't think of it, I just never thought of it when I was in front of a computer.

    As a teacher, I'm reading this and thinking, what a bunch of hooey. I wouldn't accept this from a student if it were an assignment. I would make the student go back and do the work. However, I'm not sure what the benefit would be for me to go back and fill in a post for each day now. I think the best I can do is commit to doing this again next year and really hold myself accountable for it.

    If you are reading this and will be around next year, will you help me out?


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