Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Power of Yet

I love the idea of instead of giving an F to a student, we simply say "not yet." It is a small change, but I think an important one. I truly believe the only failure in life is to not learn from your mistakes. If you are learning and growing, then you are on the right track.



  1. I really like this. In Chemistry, Mr. Richards actually does this on Pearson. Instead of just giving you an F, he gives you a "not yet" and he gives you another chance. I feel like there isn't enough students these days who enjoy a challenge. Like in physics, there was this sense of satisfaction after getting this ugly math problem right. Her statistics that she showed were saddening. More kids need to WANT TO LEARN. And that will help their development a lot more I think. I do feel that the word yet or not yet can change students mindsets and build confidence.

  2. I like this, to me, when I have an F I feel like a true failure. But the "not yet" makes me feel like the teacher has hope for me, and is not willing to let me fail. The feeling that a teacher believes in me makes me want to push harder and get that grade up. I feel that when i don't think a teacher believes in me i don't want to do anything extra.

  3. I would rather get a not yet grade than an F. When I fail, I am the person to let it bother me and to give up. where as, if i were to get a "not yet" I would feel more compelled to get it because I am almost there. She is a very smart woman, wiht a very correct message.


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