Thursday, December 5, 2013

Robots for Humanity

One of my favorite uses of technology is when it is adapted for something it was never originally designed.  The first time I saw a quadracopter that you could fly around using your iOS device I wanted one, but only because it looked like fun.  This guy uses it to make himself feel like everyone else.  Very awesome.


  1. I think using robots for human use is a very smart idea. This video was very touching knowing that robots is helping him live a normal life.

  2. It gives people mixed emotions because on one side of things, you feel terrible for the man. But on other hand you are warmed because you know that he gets to use this piece of technology to help him be as normal as he can. It is a great example on how technology can be used in a different way in our world.

  3. This is an awesome video. It makes me happy to see people after they have had a tragic accident keep a positive. It is awesome to see how the robots work for him to help him be able to live a normal life. If we didn't have this technology he wouldn't have a way to communicate with anyone or help around the house like he is now he says in the video if this would have happened 10 years ago he would have been treated like a vegetable, actually he said he would have died. . Its very cool to see how he can fly a drone anywhere he wants from his bed room. What we would we do with out technology.


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