Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big Art

Ran across this the other night. Was super impressed by the quality of the picture as well as the enormity of the project.  Makes me want to visit.


  1. This is amazing. Its interesting to think that if you are looking from the ground you can't see the picture, but by taking the time to go higher you are able to see a wonderful picture that took lots of time and effort to create.

  2. To do something like this would take so much time it is unreal. To make a portrait on a piece of paper is one thing, but to make it in a field like setting would be so difficult to size everything perfectly, as well as not letting the environment mess it up. The uniqueness of it is eye catching because you don't see it every day.

  3. That would take forever to do. That is so amazing. I don't think could ever do that with out looking from the top of it looking from the ground view wouldn't work so well. So you would have to be really talented to do that looking at ground view.


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