Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Just watched this talk -very interesting.  It made me think of many a Facebook thread I have read in the last 6 months about how texting is killing language skills.  I love the speakers optimism and how he disproves the naysayers.  I really agree with him that texting is not destroying language skills nor is it the scourge of communication.  I am still not too good at texting like I talk.  It is hard for me to not write in complete sentences with punctuation - thanks to Mrs. Pearson my 7th grade English teacher.  However, just because I prefer to text in a more formal way does not make me smarter (although it might make me appear so, but that is another post entirely).


  1. He has a very good point. I sometimes use "LOL" just because i have nothing else to say. I need to not do that. or just Haha to much... even if its not funny at all. i think we should try to use better grammar and punctuation when texting. it will help the world out in the future

  2. This guy does have a very good point. I have to say since texting i will text lol.brb. gtg.lylas and cuz inside of because i am very bad about cutting my words short in texting but when i write i am not like that. When i am texting i have horrible punctuation but also when i am writing i don't have very good punctuation either.It would help us better if we had better punctuation.


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