Monday, January 28, 2013

The Piano Guys

This weekend while listening to Pandora this song played. As a cello player my ears instantly perked up.  Bach's Prelude to the First Cello Suite is one of the songs every cello player knows and has played or at least attempted.  What struck me, or rather, inspired  me was what he did with it.  The original is an amazing piece, but it really has become over played.  By recording himself 7 more times and layering that together he created this awesome piece.  I love it not only because of his musical talent, but also the use of technology.  Without the ability to pull eight different tracks together and finesse them into the final piece, this could not have happened.

And then I looked up the video.  Even cooler use of technology.  Not only did he layer the audio, he layered 8 different video tracks together (note that at one time he throws his bow and catches it at another seat - very cool special effect).  From there I explored the site ( and was amazed my several of their videos.  Some of it can get a bit schmaltzy if you think to much about it, but what I love is that here is a group of musicians really enjoying themselves and producing some great music.  What's not to love?  How can I not be inspired by that?

Is there a YouTube video that does that for you?  If not, you haven't spent much time at YouTube.  Share with us a link to something that gets you going.


    This video is a group of girls who sing acappella. These girls have been singing since they were young, and I really enjoy acappella groups. I have always admired people with this talent to be able to make such great sounding music with just their voices. It just goes to show there are lots of talents its just the matter of finding out what you are good at.

    1. I totally agree. I love a good a cappella group. You should think about joining a choir when you are in college.

  2. All the different types of cellos sounded really cool together. In Pitch Perfect the protagonist morphs two songs together with the same beat so their sounds really compliment each other. Thats what I though of immediately.


    Oh and here's my youtube video. Two songs that sound really good together and acappellla girls...what more do you need to inspire you!?


    this inspires me mostly because it can really show that Anyone can sing if they try. look at all these boys singing. where as at our school, they think they are too cool to sing! but then the girls have very pretty voices


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